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CLIENT: Winterboer Agile Analytics

As a new business, Lynn Winterboer needed a website so that she could advertise her classes and coaching services.

Using an agile approach, we developed a website using the WordPress platform and pre-designed theme. The theme is branded for Lynn’s business, the site is optimized for searching and Lynn finds it easy to self publish her blogs.

Katrina has served as my “Marketing Partner” for several years. She completely takes care of my website and search engine optimization, while also providing regular blog & social media coaching, and editing EVERYTHING I publish. I find working with her to be easy, straightforward, and very rewarding. I highly recommend her! –Lynn Winterboer


  • theme selection, implementation & configuration
  • content creation & management
  • blog coaching
  • on-page SEO

Winterboer Website

Take a detailed look at Lynn’s website: