Jeff Patton & Associates

Starkweather Marketing Website DesignJeff had built his own website in the 1990s and had gotten so busy by the late 1990s that he didn’t keep it updated. Then, he published a book. The book launched him into an even busier life and his readers wanted more. It was time to update his site.

Jeff’s website was stale: it was written on an old platform, not responsive and fairly out of date. He had hundreds of articles, references, pictures and links to more material. Since he’d stopped updating it, several videos, podcasts and articles had been published, but not linked to the site. When we engaged, he needed a new website that was responsive with a modern design and scaleable. It needed to feature his writing, podcasts, videos and training schedule.

It was a very big project to move all the content into one place, but it’s now a comprehensive site. The new website is built on the Genesis Framework. It’s mobile responsive, provides event information, his training schedule and several ways to engage with his writing, speaking and videos.