DD Ranch WordPress

CLIENT: The DD Ranch

As a growing business in Central Oregon, the owners of the DD Ranch needed a website that they could manage internally so that they could reduce costs.

DD Ranch Website Before

DD Ranch Website Before

DD Ranch Website After – 2012

DD Ranch Website

The WordPress platform provides a user-friendly Content Management tool so the owners can update the content themselves.


DD Ranch Website Homepage by Starkweather Marketing

A New Theme for the DD Ranch

It happens more often than any business owner wishes: a theme’s designer stops supporting the theme. When this occurs, the website begins to behave badly – broken links, broken images, and it becomes susceptible to hacking. Consequently, the business owner – in this case, the DD Ranch – must have the theme replaced. I contacted the DD Ranch when I saw that the theme they were using, now four years old, was being discontinued. While it came at a bad time for them, they understood the importance of replacing the theme with a new one. I found an affordable new theme for them and replaced it in just a few hours.


  • Website theme selection, configuration and implementation
  • Website content creation and management
  • Email marketing
  • Branding
  • Marketing advising

I took the picture of the cattle in the pasture with Smith Rock in the background. The photo you see in the original website was a good idea, but it was taken on a gray day in the winter. Contrast that photo with the one I took and you immediately feel happier. That’s the power of this photo: green grass, blue skies, “happy” cows. This all builds to the brand, where the rancher growing the grass-fed and grass-finished cows says, “They only have one bad day in their whole lives.” You can probably guess what day that is…

Update 2018

The client took the website “in-house” in 2017 and they updated the theme, design and content. The website you see today is not my design. Although I no longer work with them, it is one of my favorite projects and they became good friends in the process. The photos here exemplify an iterative process and a long-term relationship.