Which Files You Need to Save When Your Website is Done

Which Files You Need to Save When Your Website is Done

Make Sure You Save These Files   When Your Website is Live, Ask Your Website Designer for These Important Files   Have you ever needed your logo, but you couldn’t find it on your hard drive? Ever needed to access your website, but realize you don’t have the username and password? Ever wanted to use […]

Website Maintenance Required

Your Website Isn’t Finished (And It Never Will Be) Website Upkeep is Mandatory After your website “goes live,” you aren’t done with it. Unlike a brochure or yellow page ad, a website is never done. You can’t launch your website and forget about it. After your website launches, things happen – mainly updates happen and you […]

How Do I Build a Website?

How to Plan for a New Website Are you thinking about building a website? Or, are you thinking about hiring someone to do it for you? I’ve built plenty of them and clients are often surprised by the amount of work they need to put into the website – even though they have hired me […]

Why You Need a Sitemap

Why You Need a Sitemap

Every Website Should Have a Sitemap Many Websites Do Not Have a Sitemap – Does Yours? A sitemap is a best practice in Search Engine Optimization. However, many designers and developers do not include a sitemap to your website when they deliver it to you. In this past week alone I’ve seen three websites without […]

How to Select a WordPress Theme

Selecting a Reliable WordPress Theme Google “WordPress themes” and more than 124 million results will confound you. Fortunately, there are some guidelines that will help you narrow your search. Select a theme from a well-regarded theme seller.  Study your Google search results closely and you’ll find that a handful of companies rise to the top. […]

What to Look for In a Hosting Service

5 Top Things to Look For In a Hosting Service It’s time to pick a hosting service for your website.  No, no. Don’t go looking for something else to do, like clean out your inbox. Just, take a deep breath, through your nose (it’s better for you) … and keep reading. I did something for […]

How to Make An Idea A Reality

I’ve been thinking for awhile that it’s time to create a website for my business. I figure if I put this in writing and tell you I’m doing it, then it’s more likely to get done. I’ve been thinking about creating a website for myself for several, several months and I’ve not made any progress. […]