How to Use Pinterest

Create an Idea Board for Your Business Pinterest is popular for drawing customers to your website.  But, so many of us small business owners aren’t ready for that or we don’t sell something that you “pin”. But you can use Pinterest to help your business. It’s a great idea board! Here are some suggestions for […]

It’s Twitter Time

Grab your coffee or beer (ahem, after 4ish I hope?), sit in your favorite chair and flip on your best online reading device.  Go to your Twitter account, click on your Lists. And read. News For You If you set up your Twitter Lists well, you’re reading news just for you. Click on links and […]

Twitter Lists

In my last blog post, I shared how to set up a Twitter account. I also shared the three steps needed to use Twitter successfully. Those steps, again, are: Create a Twitter account Create a List Schedule Twitter Time Today, I want to talk about LISTS in Twitter. Prior to making lists in Twitter, I […]

How to Use Twitter

Three Steps to Twitter Success: Create a Twitter account Create a List Schedule Twitter Time As I work with more small business owners, I am learning that many of you do not Tweet.  If you have not read my post on why you should Tweet, check it out. Then come back here to get started. […]

Why Use LinkedIn

Awhile ago, I talked about whether or not you should use Twitter in your marketing strategy.  I also shared my own struggles and misgivings around the use of Twitter, but how, at the end of the day, it is SO worth our time and energy! Today, I’m going to talk with you about LinkedIn.  Should […]

Do Not Use Facebook

For Your Business Social Media Efforts While enjoying martinis during happy hour, my friend lamented, “I guess I have to use Facebook as part of my social media strategy.” I looked up, “What do you mean?” She replied, “Well, a lot of people I meet at these networking events are looking me up on Facebook […]

Is Twitter Worth My Time?

Do I have to use Twitter to market my business? You ask this every time you think about adding Social Media to your business, don’t you? Is Twitter worth your time? Well, if you want to… • …promote your business, services, industry or your interests, then, yes, Twitter is worth your time. • …sell your […]

Social Networking Project

Social Networking: A Missed Opportunity? One of my clients recognizes, wisely I might add, that by not participating in social networking, they are missing opportunities.  So, they asked me to develop a corporate social networking plan. I wrote an outline for our approach.  I selected LinkedIn as our main social media tool because it is the […]