40 Ways to Market Your Business

Ideas to Market Your Products or Services Here is a list of strategies you can use to market your services and/or your products. This is a brain dump, so it’s not in any particular order, it’s not designed for one industry or another, it’s not a list of recommendations; it’s just a big fat list […]

How Chipotle Can Do Better With Their Marketing During This Crisis

Oh Chipotle, my favorite Mexican fast-food restaurant, what have you done? In the news, Don’t expect Chipotle Mexican Grill to regain its former golden burrito status any time soon. Recovery could take as long as a decade, and its carefully cultivated “halo” may never return, experts told CNBC. – – Chipotle Subpoened by Federal Grand […]

How to Connect With Your Clients

The Holidays are a Great Time to Connect with Your Clients 4 Ways To Connect During the Holiday Season It’s December and I hope you’re thinking about how to connect with your clients, subscribers and colleagues before the Ball drops on January 1st, 2016. Here are four ways you can acknowledge the holidays, your clients and/or […]

Should You Ask for a Review?

Should You Harness the Power of Public Review Websites ? While on a business trip with a client this past week in Mexico City, we stayed at a national hotel chain. We dined at one of the hotel restaurants and struck up a friendly repartee with our server, Victor. At the conclusion of our meal, […]

Email Marketing Do’s and Don’t’s

Don’t Use Your Email to Send Bulk Emails “You can’t just send one hundred plus emails using your Outlook email!” I told her. “Yeah, it’s easy. I already have everyone in the contact list,” she replied. “No, no,” I tried to explain. “You run the risk of getting blacklisted, plus there are laws protecting consumers […]

Use Kanban to Manage Your Website Project

I’m very excited. I’m using a Kanban system to manage the creation of my website. Kanban is super helpful when you’re trying to manage a project.  It can be very simple, or very complex. The design is up to you and there are many kinds of tools out there to help you build your own. […]

How to Make An Idea A Reality

I’ve been thinking for awhile that it’s time to create a website for my business. I figure if I put this in writing and tell you I’m doing it, then it’s more likely to get done. I’ve been thinking about creating a website for myself for several, several months and I’ve not made any progress. […]