Why You Need a Sitemap

Why You Need a Sitemap

Every Website Should Have a Sitemap Many Websites Do Not Have a Sitemap – Does Yours? A sitemap is a best practice in Search Engine Optimization. However, many designers and developers do not include a sitemap to your website when they deliver it to you. In this past week alone I’ve seen three websites without […]

Branding Your Business

Here’s How NOT to Brand Your Business What You See Is What You Get Maybe. Maybe not. As business owners, we get so busy with the day to day, we often miss opportunities. And those mistakes cost us. Take a look at this sign. I doctored it a bit to help keep the focus on […]

How to Use Twitter

Three Steps to Twitter Success: Create a Twitter account Create a List Schedule Twitter Time As I work with more small business owners, I am learning that many of you do not Tweet.  If you have not read my post on why you should Tweet, check it out. Then come back here to get started. […]

Why Use LinkedIn

Awhile ago, I talked about whether or not you should use Twitter in your marketing strategy.  I also shared my own struggles and misgivings around the use of Twitter, but how, at the end of the day, it is SO worth our time and energy! Today, I’m going to talk with you about LinkedIn.  Should […]

What To Do When You Can’t Blog

In my last blog post How Often Should You Blog?, I admonished all of us small business owners to blog more. I said, blog weekly (at the least). Then. I didn’t post a blog for over a month. Go figure! I have excuses. First. I was sick for a few days and couldn’t pull a blog […]

How Often Should You Blog?

Make a Commitment to Your Blog A local blogger I know blogs twice weekly. Twice! Another blogger I follow posts daily. Daily! Another one I follow posts whenever it suits her, which can sometimes be daily, sometimes weekly. As for me, I was blogging once a month until I was challenged to post weekly. The […]

Do Not Use Facebook

For Your Business Social Media Efforts While enjoying martinis during happy hour, my friend lamented, “I guess I have to use Facebook as part of my social media strategy.” I looked up, “What do you mean?” She replied, “Well, a lot of people I meet at these networking events are looking me up on Facebook […]

Is Twitter Worth My Time?

Do I have to use Twitter to market my business? You ask this every time you think about adding Social Media to your business, don’t you? Is Twitter worth your time? Well, if you want to… • …promote your business, services, industry or your interests, then, yes, Twitter is worth your time. • …sell your […]

Marketing 101 – Your Customers

The long-term success of our small businesses (yours and mine) is predicated by how well we serve our customers.  We spend a significant amount of time and money getting them to make their first purchase and so if they do not return for more, well then, something is wrong. “In order to successfully grow your […]

Do What You Tell Others to Do

Practicing What I Preach My lawn has these big rings in it. My lawn guy, Jim, informed me, “You have necrotic ring spot.” He surprised me when he revealed, “It’s okay, I have it too.” I cracked, “What are you, like, the guy who spends so much time on everyone else’s lawn, you don’t have […]