Site Ground Web Hosting

I work with numerous hosting services. In my eight years of working with the most popular hosting services you know of, I recommend this one: SiteGround. I’m so impressed with them, I have become an unabashed affiliate. Click the box below to follow the link and learn more about this awesome hosting service for WordPress.

Why You Don’t Blog

YOU DON’T BLOG BECAUSE… How to Change Your Expectations and Feel Re-Energized About Your Blogging Do you want to know why you don’t blog? I think there are many reasons. But in this post, I’m going to focus on one major reason I think we struggle to blog regularly. Does this story sound familiar to […]

Write a Blog Post That Matters

Care About Your Content Having once said that you should blog once per week, I must now say, “Don’t blog crap.”  I know. We want to mark it off the list. “Wrote blog.” Done. “Posted blog.” Done. But that just meets the requirement; it’s not doing your best work. Do work that matters. – Seth Godin […]

How to Select a WordPress Theme

Selecting a Reliable WordPress Theme Google “WordPress themes” and more than 124 million results will confound you. Fortunately, there are some guidelines that will help you narrow your search. Select a theme from a well-regarded theme seller.  Study your Google search results closely and you’ll find that a handful of companies rise to the top. […]

What To Do When You Can’t Blog

In my last blog post How Often Should You Blog?, I admonished all of us small business owners to blog more. I said, blog weekly (at the least). Then. I didn’t post a blog for over a month. Go figure! I have excuses. First. I was sick for a few days and couldn’t pull a blog […]

How Often Should You Blog?

Make a Commitment to Your Blog A local blogger I know blogs twice weekly. Twice! Another blogger I follow posts daily. Daily! Another one I follow posts whenever it suits her, which can sometimes be daily, sometimes weekly. As for me, I was blogging once a month until I was challenged to post weekly. The […]

Blogging Ain’t Easy

I saw a note in my husband’s inbox the other day. (Yes, I was looking over his shoulder).  His company just published their new website. (Ooolalala!  It does look sharp!)  Okay, back to the note.  The note from the president of the company said, “We need everyone to blog. So start blogging …” and then […]