Social Networking Project

Social Networking: A Missed Opportunity? One of my clients recognizes, wisely I might add, that by not participating in social networking, they are missing opportunities.  So, they asked me to develop a corporate social networking plan. I wrote an outline for our approach.  I selected LinkedIn as our main social media tool because it is the […]

Why? Why ask Why and How it Can Change Your Business

Here’s the Queen of Qualifying Questions: Why? I used to work with a project manager at a tech firm and, to my great annoyance, that was his favorite question. Why? “We need to build a new database to track courseware inventory,” I’d say. “Why?” he would ask. “Why? Why? Isn’t it obvious?” I would scream […]

Blogging Ain’t Easy

I saw a note in my husband’s inbox the other day. (Yes, I was looking over his shoulder).  His company just published their new website. (Ooolalala!  It does look sharp!)  Okay, back to the note.  The note from the president of the company said, “We need everyone to blog. So start blogging …” and then […]

Do Not Buy an Email List

About a month ago, my client said, “Hey, Katrina, I like your idea about email campaigns, let’s start one. So, where do we buy an email list?”  Buy an email list? Uh…  Dear Small Business Owner, Please. Please don’t buy an email list.  This is a waste of time and money.  I promise.  I’ve done […]