Why You Need a Sitemap

Why You Need a Sitemap

Every Website Should Have a Sitemap Many Websites Do Not Have a Sitemap – Does Yours? A sitemap is a best practice in Search Engine Optimization. However, many designers and developers do not include a sitemap to your website when they deliver it to you. In this past week alone I’ve seen three websites without […]

How to Select a WordPress Theme

Selecting a Reliable WordPress Theme Google “WordPress themes” and more than 124 million results will confound you. Fortunately, there are some guidelines that will help you narrow your search. Select a theme from a well-regarded theme seller.  Study your Google search results closely and you’ll find that a handful of companies rise to the top. […]

What to Look for In a Hosting Service

5 Top Things to Look For In a Hosting Service It’s time to pick a hosting service for your website.  No, no. Don’t go looking for something else to do, like clean out your inbox. Just, take a deep breath, through your nose (it’s better for you) … and keep reading. I did something for […]

Use Kanban to Manage Your Website Project

I’m very excited. I’m using a Kanban system to manage the creation of my website. Kanban is super helpful when you’re trying to manage a project.  It can be very simple, or very complex. The design is up to you and there are many kinds of tools out there to help you build your own. […]

How to Use Pinterest

Create an Idea Board for Your Business Pinterest is popular for drawing customers to your website.  But, so many of us small business owners aren’t ready for that or we don’t sell something that you “pin”. But you can use Pinterest to help your business. It’s a great idea board! Here are some suggestions for […]

How to Make An Idea A Reality

I’ve been thinking for awhile that it’s time to create a website for my business. I figure if I put this in writing and tell you I’m doing it, then it’s more likely to get done. I’ve been thinking about creating a website for myself for several, several months and I’ve not made any progress. […]

Branding Your Business

Here’s How NOT to Brand Your Business What You See Is What You Get Maybe. Maybe not. As business owners, we get so busy with the day to day, we often miss opportunities. And those mistakes cost us. Take a look at this sign. I doctored it a bit to help keep the focus on […]

It’s Twitter Time

Grab your coffee or beer (ahem, after 4ish I hope?), sit in your favorite chair and flip on your best online reading device.  Go to your Twitter account, click on your Lists. And read. News For You If you set up your Twitter Lists well, you’re reading news just for you. Click on links and […]

Twitter Lists

In my last blog post, I shared how to set up a Twitter account. I also shared the three steps needed to use Twitter successfully. Those steps, again, are: Create a Twitter account Create a List Schedule Twitter Time Today, I want to talk about LISTS in Twitter. Prior to making lists in Twitter, I […]

How to Use Twitter

Three Steps to Twitter Success: Create a Twitter account Create a List Schedule Twitter Time As I work with more small business owners, I am learning that many of you do not Tweet.  If you have not read my post on why you should Tweet, check it out. Then come back here to get started. […]