Which Files You Need to Save When Your Website is Done

Which Files You Need to Save When Your Website is Done

Make Sure You Save These Files   When Your Website is Live, Ask Your Website Designer for These Important Files   Have you ever needed your logo, but you couldn’t find it on your hard drive? Ever needed to access your website, but realize you don’t have the username and password? Ever wanted to use […]

Website Maintenance Required

Your Website Isn’t Finished (And It Never Will Be) Website Upkeep is Mandatory After your website “goes live,” you aren’t done with it. Unlike a brochure or yellow page ad, a website is never done. You can’t launch your website and forget about it. After your website launches, things happen – mainly updates happen and you […]

Do You Need a Website Developer or Designer?

You’re ready to build a website. You’re about to hire someone to build it. Do you have the right person for the job?   This blog post will help you learn more about the differences between a web designer and a web developer. Knowledge will save you money and time in the long run. I […]

How Do I Build a Website?

How to Plan for a New Website Are you thinking about building a website? Or, are you thinking about hiring someone to do it for you? I’ve built plenty of them and clients are often surprised by the amount of work they need to put into the website – even though they have hired me […]

Should You Ask for a Review?

Should You Harness the Power of Public Review Websites ? While on a business trip with a client this past week in Mexico City, we stayed at a national hotel chain. We dined at one of the hotel restaurants and struck up a friendly repartee with our server, Victor. At the conclusion of our meal, […]

Write a Blog Post That Matters

Care About Your Content Having once said that you should blog once per week, I must now say, “Don’t blog crap.”  I know. We want to mark it off the list. “Wrote blog.” Done. “Posted blog.” Done. But that just meets the requirement; it’s not doing your best work. Do work that matters. – Seth Godin […]

Recognizing Your Mentors

“Would you be willing to help me design a new brochure?” she asked. I stood looking at her. I wondered where this idea came from to invite me, a teenager, into a process I knew nothing about. But she told me that she could use my help. I shrugged and said, “Sure.” We met at […]

Email Marketing Do’s and Don’t’s

Don’t Use Your Email to Send Bulk Emails “You can’t just send one hundred plus emails using your Outlook email!” I told her. “Yeah, it’s easy. I already have everyone in the contact list,” she replied. “No, no,” I tried to explain. “You run the risk of getting blacklisted, plus there are laws protecting consumers […]

You are Ingenious Small Business Owner

I did not know when I started my business that one day the President of the United States would call me an innovator. If you saw President Obama’s message to small business owners (see it here) in celebration of National Small Business Week, that’s what he said of us small business owners. Our ingenuity should […]