Starkweather Marketing

Katrina Starkweather, a name befitting a detective in a crime series (so I’ve been told). It is a cool name. I married into it and find it so memorable, I decided to name my company after it. For now, there’s just me. I am Katrina Starkweather, owner of Starkweather Marketing.

My Experience

I was awarded a work-study program as part of my financial aid package in college. I worked at the university’s alumni association – first as a researcher and writer for their publications. Later, I started helping plan and implement their events, like Parents Weekend and class reunions. After I graduated, they offered me a job as the membership and marketing coordinator. After I got to work with the university’s graphic arts department to design a membership campaign – including logo, paper selection and writing all of the content – I never considered any other profession. I studied English Literature because I’d heard, and took to heart, that to be a good writer, you must read great writing. It’s true. And, I’ve also learned, you must write and write and write some more.

I graduated from college in 1992. I’ve worked in marketing long enough to have experienced the shift from press releases, print ads and printed brochures to tweets, links and digital media. Most of my time has been spent in small businesses and non-profits, which has made me resourceful, creative and, frankly, scrappy. I’ve managed my own part of organizational budgets where every marketing activity had to track and had to contribute to the bottom line.

Who have I worked for? Lots of small businesses and non-profits; all of them grew while I was with them. You can see my work history in detail via my LINKEDIN page.


I am honored to currently work with these amazing business leaders:

  • Jeff Patton, the guy who wrote THE book on User Story Mapping
  • Cara & Diron Cassidy, owners of Vortex Physical Therapy
  • Lynn Winterboer, owner of Winterboer Agile Analytics, LLC and one of the top voices for agile data
  • Lonnie Weaver-Johnson, one of Scrum Alliance’s top Scrum trainers

How I Work With Clients

I’ve worked as a consultant for more than eight years now. I’ve learned that the best marketing solution involves collaboration. I do welcome small, one-off jobs such as brochures, direct letter campaigns or SEO assessments. Yet, the real value is in working together to create a sustainable, agile marketing engine that grows as your company grows. ¬†My clients find that partnering with me gives both of us more clarity, which saves time and money in the long-run.

Our first conversation is free. No charge. We talk and discuss what’s happening for you and what you’re looking to do with your business. I write up a proposal based on what I understood and submit some ideas and pricing for you to consider. I like to talk again about the proposal, answer any questions and, hopefully, get started on helping you grow your business.

Want to talk? Send me an email: katrina@starkweathermarketing.com.