Starkweather Marketing Offers Writing Services

Everyone Needs a Writing Coach

Starkweather Marketing Provides Writing CoachingTo some, a blank white piece of paper creates irritation, anxiety, or resignation. For these people (perhaps this you), the inner critic is loud and wicked, like an irritating horse fly buzzing about your head, distracting you from your writing. Every word you write seems as annoying and pointless as that fly. You hit delete. Or, crumble up that piece of paper. You sigh. You begin again.

My clients hire me to help them start documents. I don’t have anything at stake when I confront that blank page, so I can get words written and ideas together. As the draft moves from version to version, my well-trained inner critic takes hold and I develop a better piece; one “good enough” to send to you. A written document can always use a little more coaxing. But, I leave that to you, because the topic really belongs to you; it’s your passion. And if you want to kick it back to me for another round, I’m here, ready to help you publish excellent work.

Starkweather Marketing Writing Services:

  • Blogs
  • Brochures
  • Websites
  • Email
  • Proposals
  • Presentations
  • Articles

Writing Samples

I wrote most of the content on the DD Ranch website, www.ddranch.net. I have samples of copy I’ve written for clients that I’d be glad to share with you. Just send me an email requesting some writing samples. Also, check out my writing style on my blog.