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SEO-by-Starkweather-MarketingSearch Engine Optimization, known as SEO, is what you do to your website to help Google, Bing and other search engines find, crawl and list your website. The “what you do part” is technical and creative. In fact, there are many components to making your website find-able: from setting the site up with clean code, to selecting the best words to describe your business, to attracting customers to your website through social media and/or advertising. If a search on your business name reveals that you’re anything below #5 on a search result, you probably need SEO assistance.

SEO Consulting

Would Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques help your business get on the first page of a search? How much time and money should you put into SEO?

I offer an assessment of your current website: its strengths and weaknesses in regards to its optimization for search engines to find it, crawl it and list it. The assessment includes my review of 14 key components for a website well optimized for quality search engine results. After reviewing the assessment with you, we can discuss which SEO techniques are the best for you to pursue, depending on your budget and goals.

SEO Roadmap

Using a comprehensive, step-by-step guide (one I created from my own research and from an excellent book, The Art of SEO by Enge, Spencer, Stricchiola & Fishkin), we walk through every aspect of building a strong web presence in your market. The SEO Roadmap includes bench-marking your website’s current history and status, keyword research, linking, social media as well as tracking and measuring the results of our work.

How Healthy Is Your Website?

As a business owner, you are concerned about the health of your website and its stability after it “goes live.” You know that things go wrong: website codes stop working, pictures stop loading, links change, content is added, updates happen. You are probably wondering: “Is my website ok? Do I show up in searches?” I offer a monthly service wherein I check your website for several important factors and report my findings to you. From there, we make a plan to fix any issues we deem important. Monthly Health Check Service

Keyword Research

Do you know you’re using the right keywords for your business? How many businesses are in competition with you for that same word or phrase? Researching your keywords and implementing them well on your website, in your social media communication and in your blog posts is imperative for healthy SEO. I help you identify your keywords, I research them for you and work with you to help implement them throughout your online presence.

Creating Content

You hear it and read it every time you look up SEO: “content is king.” While that’s true, the quality of your content is, well, the Prime Minister. The King can say whatever he wants, but its the Prime Minister who does the “real work”. In other words, you can write your blog posts, your services content and your about content, but if it’s not well written, if it’s too short, if the photos aren’t labeled correctly, well, then you’re not going to come up in a search. To be “find-able” in a search, your website has to have find-able content. Keywords and phrases need to be used in the title, the header, and throughout the content of that page. Graphics need to be labeled correctly. And, well, that’s just the start of it.

“When we began working with her, we found out our site wasn’t optimized for Google search and since she fixed our site, we’ve quadrupled the number of unique visitors to our site.” — Cara Cassidy, co-owner Vortex Physical Therapy & Balance

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