40 Ways to Market Your Business

Ideas to Market Your Products or Services

Here is a list of strategies you can use to market your services and/or your products. This is a brain dump, so it’s not in any particular order, it’s not designed for one industry or another, it’s not a list of recommendations; it’s just a big fat list of ideas – some tried and true; some I’ve never tried. Scan the list. Which ideas have you tried? What did I leave out?

40 Ideas:

  1. Give Away Your Stuff
  2. Master the Art of Networking
  3. Create Your Own Event
  4. Attend Events in Your Industry and in Your Customer’s Industries
  5. Sponsor a Booth at an Industry Event
  6. Volunteer to Lead an Organization
  7. Start a Podcast
  8. Send a Short Value-Add E-Mail Weekly
  9. Support a Cause
  10. Use Periscope
  11. Sponsor an Organization
  12. Seek Our Joint Ventures and Partnerships
  13. Publish On Partner Sites
  14. Memorize and Share Your Elevator Pitch
  15. Ask for Referrals/Develop a Customer Referral Program
  16. Keep Your Customers/Create Repeat Business
  17. Offer Coupons and Discounts
  18. Use Your Marquee (if you have one)
  19. Create Instructional Videos
  20. Publish Quality Content
  21. Use Paid Advertising (Google/Facebook/Newspaper)
  22. Create an Infographic (and share it with others)
  23. Update Your LinkedIn Profile/Learn How to Use LinkedIn
  24. Create a Brochure (mail it)
  25. Blog Consistently
  26. Host an Online Contest
  27. Host a Twitter Chat
  28. Win an Award in Your Industry
  29. Host an Event or a Class
  30. Create (and Consistently Use) an E-Mail Campaign
  31. Create an Awesome Business Card and Give it To Everyone
  32. Create a Car Magnet for Your Car/Have Your Car Wrapped
  33. Create a Website (and Maintain It)
  34. Create a Social Media Account (and Use It)
  35. Participate in a User Group Locally or On-Line
  36. Try Direct Mail (postcard, letter…)
  37. Sponsor a Sports Team
  38. Print up pens, mugs, t-shirts, buttons, key fobs, thumb-drives and give them away
  39. Mail Holiday Cards at the End of the Year
  40. Create a Thank You Program

Any ideas grab you? Which ideas need explaining? Let me know in the comments below or in an email. I’ll answer your questions and I might use my answers for future blog posts. Chances are that if you have a question about these marketing ideas, so does someone else!

Do you have a marketing strategy that works for you? Please share your strategy with our community of 600+ readers! Everyone will benefit from your wisdom.

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