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  • Need a Website?

    You need a website (or to re-design the one you have) but where to start...

  • Need More Time?

    You want to send an email to your customers,
    but you don’t have time.

  • Need An Experienced Opinion?

    Social media, direct mail, networking, advertising...which marketing strategies should use use?

  • Blogging?

    You need a coach to help you get that blog post written and posted. And then to do it...again!

When you need help with any of your marketing activities, turn to Starkweather Marketing for professional, experienced marketing services.

Check out my work, grab some new ideas…

What do you need? I am here to help you.

Grow your marketing knowledge base.


  • Cara-Cassidy-Vortex

    “When we were looking to update our business website, we turned to Katrina because we knew she had a lot of experience working with WordPress and would be easy to work with. Under her guidance, we chose a fresh new template and worked closely with her to update our content, to create a more professional-looking website. She has also been coordinating with us to optimize our business’ online presence and increase visits to our website. When we began working with her, we found out our site wasn’t optimized for Google search and since she fixed our site, we’ve quadrupled the number of unique visitors to our site. We couldn’t be more thrilled with the outcome!” Cara Cassidy,

    - Vortex Physical Therapy & Balance
  • LynnWinterboer

    Katrina has served as my “Marketing Partner” for several years. She completely takes care of my website and search engine optimization, while also providing regular blog & social media coaching, and editing EVERYTHING I publish. I find working with her to be easy, straightforward, and very rewarding. I highly recommend her!

    - Lynn Winterboer

Today's Marketing Wisdom

Marketing Is An Every Day Task

Marketing Is An Every Day Task

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Here’s an old blog post that’s still true! “It takes little time to daily wind your marketing clock. Send a Tweet. Connect with someone on LinkedIn. Register for an industry conference.”

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